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CPIM Trainings Were a Hit!

Get ready for some new Collaborative Professionals to hit the scene in Michigan! The Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan (CPIM) held its annual Introductory and Advanced Trainings at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi last week, and it was a rousing success! I serve on the Advanced Training Committee on the CPIM Board, and I was very happy to see 31 attendees at the Advanced Training on Friday. The Introductory Training on Wednesday and Thursday had 21. This was a great turnout and included attorneys, financial professionals, and mental health professionals from all across the State. Many thanks to the Florida Collaborative Trainers for a wonderful pair of trainings!

A couple of attendees that I am particularly excited about are Jason LeRoy and Theresa Cameron, two financial professionals who are Shareholders at Doeren Mayhew in Troy. They bring a totally unique skillset to the Southeastern Michigan Collaborative scene as business valuators, trained and experienced in valuing all sorts of businesses in divorce cases. As savvy financial professionals with significant experience with divorce cases, I cannot wait to serve on a Collaborative Team with them, whether a business valuation is involved or not.

I celebrate these CPIM trainings every year. They are just another opportunity for we in the Collaborative Divorce community to spread the word and hone our skills in what we know to be the best way for families to go through the difficult process of divorce. If you or someone you know is facing a divorce, I am always happy to talk, and the consultation is always free. You can give me a call at (248) 457-4566 or email me at



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